Lighting Setup for Persistent Level with Sub-Levels for VR using Forward Render

Hi guys, I’m looking for a bit of advice on how to setup my lighting and reflections across my map that works well with VR and the forward renderer. I currently have a stationary directional light with a skybox on the persistent level along with my animated assets. Then each sub-level has it’s own bunch of static point and spot lights, it’s own lighting importance volume and reflection captures. However, I’m unsure how to build this as before my skylight would refuse to build, it would calculate the skylight radiosity which took about 4 hours, and then hit less than 1% before it read in the output log LIGHTS FAILED TO BUILD with no error or warning and swarm would stop. Which made me believe it could be to do with any of my lights on sub-level, lighting importance volume, reflection captures, atmospheric fog or exponential height fog. I initially bypassed this problem by building the lights on each sub-level and changing the directional light to moveable, which allowed me to cook and deploy a build, but severely brought my frames down. But when I tried the packaged out game I had somehow created a thunderstorm lighting effect where the directional light would flicker on and off, after attempting many other methods nothing changed this. Does anyone have any experience in this area that could advise me a method of setting up my lights so it works with the forward renderer and doesn’t drop my frames? Thanks!

one option I see here - build each level with persistent separately. so,

  1. make persistent level visible
  2. make 1st streaming level visible
  3. build
  4. save 1st streaming level and hide it
  5. make 2nd streaming level visible
  6. build
  7. save 2nd streaming level and hide it
  8. when all streaming levels done - build only persistent level and save.

hope it would be useful.

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lights and reflections must stay on their levels. on persistent level you should leave only directional light

Thats perfect thanks! Should I leave the point and spot lights on the sub-levels or move them to the persistent level? Also does it matter what level the reflection captures and lightmass importance volumes are on?

Awesome! I’ll do just that, I’ll post back on here and let you know the results. Should Lightmass Importance Volumes be on persistent too?

sorry, I missed that.

you can move everything to sublevels, instead of sun directional light

Hi, so i’ve spent the last few days optimizing my project and I’ve just got onto building lights today. When you say have 1 sublevel open at a time, build and save I end up with mapbuild data for my persistent level. Surely if I keep saving over it I will loose the lighting data of the previous level as no sub-level is receiving any lighting data. Would this have anything to do with lighting scenarios? Sorry for a lot of questions, I just want to get this right

you shouldn’t have anything that requires lightning data in persistent level.
only directional light, player start, maybe some triggers and thats all. so persistent level doesnt requires to save any lightmaps, only sub levels will contain them.

so, once again - show only persistent level and 1 sublevel at time, build, and save sublevel only. when finished with all sublevels - show only persistent, build and save.