Lighting problems with static mesh created in engine

I seem to be having issues with lighting with my quickly put together static mesh, I’m guessing the problem is really simple but as I have never created my own assets it’s quite confusing for myself. I used the geometry features inside the unreal engine to create low quality models, in this case a fence. I made it a static mesh and sadly assumed that it was that easy, the assets looked great until I built the lighting and ran into trouble, after searching online for a few minutes I came here.

Here are the images of before and after the build.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

looks like a lightmap UV issue. i doubt you’ll be able to fix that in UE4. i advise you to use a modeling program.

I thought it would be something along those lines, when it comes to the final assets i’ll definitely use your advice and use a modeling program such as blender, thanks for answering and the advice.