Landscape Grass Type doesn't cast shadows

Hello UE4 community,

I’ve been playing a lot with landscape materials and foliage to try and setup my own landscape material that can auto populate based on layer blend painting but I’ve run into an issue with the foliage.

I’ve setup a landscape grass type and placed a grass foliage inside it and then I’ve set that to my grass layer in the layer blend material. However, when I use this method, none of the grass that is placed casts shadows. If I use the foliage painter tool and manually paint in foliage, that exact same grass foliage works just fine. (The Landscape Grass Type is on left side of image, the hand painted foliage is on the right)

I’m currently testing inside of a ray tracing enabled project using the SunSky for my lighting. I have gone through so many different settings trying to disable and enable different shadow settings but haven’t been able to find a way to fix this issue. I also tried checking through UE4’s official documentation but from what I can tell I have everything setup correctly.

Does anyone have a solution or an idea to try and resolve this?

I’ve fixed the problem by moving away from Landscape Grass Type and using the Procedural Foliage Spawner instead.

I used procedural foliage and those aren’t giving me shadows… some of the instances have shadows and some dont, regardless of settings. Then I tried painting the foliage and they had shadows, and when I opened the project again later the shadows were gone.