Jagged Shadow Edges

I have a small theater scene that I illuminate with point and spot lights. However, my shadows have very jagged edges, as seen below:

So far I tried:

-Increasing lightmap resolution. The weird thing is, the “jaggedness” seems to remain the exact same on different surfaces with different lightmap resolutions. Either way, I’m 100% sure this is not the issue here. Half the surfaces on the screenshot above appear red when visualizing lightmap density.

-Checking the lightmap UVs. They all seem just fine. To clarify, I’m getting the same error on a simple plane with a high res (1024) lightmap. So I’m pretty sure this is not the issue either.

-Turning area shadows on and off just to see what happens. All my lights are static, but gave it a try anyway. As expected, no difference whatsoever.

More info in case it helps:

-“Static Lighting Level Scale” is set to 0.2, and “Indirect Lighting Quality” to 3. Lighting Quality doesn’t seem to help either, both production and preview builds gave me the same result in terms of jagged edges.

-The problem occurs on both flat and smooth surfaces.

Are that masked materials on shadowcasters, that are causing the issue?

Nope, not using any.

Using stationary lights fixes the issue, or so it seems in the latest preview lighting build I’ve run. Currently running a production build, I’ll know by tomorrow morning if that actually works.

However, I’d still like to find out why static lights give me such results. I don’t really need any of the benefits that stationary lights offer in this scene, so I’m pretty much taking a performance hit for no reason.

The reason static lights give you these results is because they are encoded directly into the lightmap texture. This means that their resolution is dependent on the resolution of the lightmap. You can increase the lightmap resolution to get sharper shadows, but at a significant memory cost due to the huge resolution required. You could also soften the shadow using area lights, theoretically. You would have to increase the light source angle of the light in order to do this, but it would only hide the problem, not solve it.

Any solution on this? I have the same issue

About those jagged shadow edges, same problem here, did you find any solution to this ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Is your Light mass resolution high enough? Usually not an issue for smaller things, but if you have a large floor (or landscape) you may need to increase this. So this can be adjusted on a per item basis here (Note: it will use a little more performance) , and/or increase size of baked lighting.

I have the same problem with dynamic lighting (“Force No Precomputed Lighting” enabled). One thing that helps is to increase Shadow Resolution in the directional light (version 4.24.3).

I had similar issues and increasing the rez of the light maps wasn’t doing anything.There is a setting on the light called “Cascaded Shadow Maps Stationary Light.” It is set to 0 by default. I had to set mine to 200 to see any difference. Before and After pics below.

Shouldn’t have to enable Cascaded Shadow Maps to get the correct shadow result.