Is the enlighten middleware included with all licenses?

Understandably the documentation is very new so things will no doubt still be left to add to it, but I couldn’t find any reference to using Enlighten to light scenes, only lightmass. Just wanting to confirm that enlighten is in fact here (before I start frantically tossing money at epic- cannot wait).

I believe you’ll have to contact Geomerics about that. Enlighten isn’t included in the engine as far as i know.

Not feeling, but past knowledge. I didn’t say i was certain since i don’t have the engine yet, but the last time i used it Enlighten wasn’t included and it is possible that it still may not be since you werent able to see it’s existence directly. You better wait for a clear answer from an Epic staff though.

Middleware means is other technology that CAN work with unreal, like plugins, but is a separate thing as far as I know

I’m under the impression that the intention was for it to be included, but we’ll wait and see for something concrete from epic - there’s plenty of middle ware that has been shipping with unreal for years - PhysX, simplygon etc.

Enlighten is not included in Unreal Engine 4 and Epic has not licensed it. Geomerics is an Integrated Partner which means they have created an official integration of Enlighten for Unreal Engine 4, but they maintain and license it separately.

I had confused the SVOGI system seen in the early tech demos for Enlighten. SVOGI that has been removed in favour of lightmass (somehow this went under my typically real-time obsessed radar). Yay baked lightmaps! UE4 will use Lightmass for its lighting system! - Epic Games Forums! What a shame - was so set on full dynamic lighting straight off the bat. Will look into licensing Enlighten, but I suspect that will be well out of an indie price range. Thanks guys.

SVOGI is still in UE4 at least I believe you can get it from the github version it’s just not as ready for prime-time as it takes an extremely high performance graphics card which I think is why they went back to lightmass.