Is someone here using DDO with Ue4?

I am a programmer who recently got into modelling and I just saw an addon for photoshop called quixel DDOand I am not 100% sure what it does and if I can use it with unreal engine.

I saw this video DDO & 3DO Workflow Primer - YouTube which showcases the workflow of DDO and it seems like it’s doing 2 things. You can easily create masks with it and it has predefined materials.

My best guess on how I would use it for Ue4 would be to texture my model with the material library in DDO. But I obviously can’t just import the materials in Unreal Engine 4 so I think I can just export all the different textures and masks and then I can try to recreate the materials in Ue4.

Is this the purpose of DDO?

You use masks to edit the texture in ddo using material and environmental presets that correspond with what color you choose for a specific portion of your surface. You create the diffuse, specular, gloss, height, and normal map with ddo which can then be imported into ue4 for use on your model/environment. There is another program that is seemingly more powerful called substance which does all of this and more. You are able to tweak the material settings within the editor for further modifications, whereas in ddo you can’t edit the presets effect on your texture once it has been exported. This is what I am able to infer from the video tutorials, I have neither program but am seriously looking into substance after their ue4 announcement the other day. Hope this helps.

My understanding is that Substance textures are procedurally generated (making them quite flexible) while the new Quixel Suite will use physically based rendering from real HDR surface capture (making them incredibly realistic). Both products honestly look amazing, but I’m personally leaning toward Quixel just for the visuals.

@maikklein: As SE_JonF pointed out, it’s my understanding that you would simply import the various maps into the engine and create your materials from them. Substance can automate this process (automatically setting up your material for you), which is certainly convenient. It’s possible Quixel will have the same functionality (which shouldn’t be difficult to set up), but we’ll have to wait and see.

I just realized I was thinking of the current version of ddo, the newer one does indeed look much better with what you’re able to achieve. Price is very reasonable as well.

As far as I can tell substance is doing the same thing as ddo, but can do much more. And the megascans will be available separately. The only thing that could be weird is if you create all your materials in substance designer and bring them over to UE4 they might look different.

Also the substance particle painter looks really cool.

Both Substance and DDO help you create textures as easy as it can get, Substance’s plus is you can modify procedural textures inside UE4. In the end you create the material in the engine for both.

Right, both dDO and Substance can be used for creating textures, but Substance also allows you to modify the textures in UE4 itself.

The Suite does include a Megascan Starter Pack, but of course we don’t yet know what’s included. :confused: I’m waiting to find out just much a Megascan subscription will cost to access the remaining 1000+ textures.

It seems that DDO already has UE4 support.

And it ships with

That’s good news! Thanks maikklein.

Would be lovely to get some feedback from anyone using the Quixel stuff. I’ve looked at it too and thought about getting it for our UE4 workflow.


Dont want to pick on quixel but at this point I am leaning over too Substance Designer and Painter, my dDo and nDo has major problems for the last few months with no support. Both are great software and both have their advantages from each other.

dDO is quite a nice tool and the “old” version is currently for free:

It has some issues with current Photoshop versions (CS6, CC). CS3 works fine.

Wow… I have been living under a rock, haven’t I?
DDO seems ridiculously easy! I can’t believe how good that helmet looks by just messing with some sliders in less than 10 minutes… and here I’m struggling manually texturing in zbrush lol
I guess I seriously need to rethink my texturing workflow :stuck_out_tongue:

I have preordered it. I just wanted to let you know that the products are not available yet. I maybe thought that I would already get access to the scanned data but it will probably come with DDO.

I tested the old dDo and it always crashes with my CS6 trial.

I guess I’ll wait until it is released - and a bit more mature. We do use CS6 so this would need to work…

I really have to look into this substance stuff as well, haven’t really checked that out yet.

They have made a Deus Ex like level in Unreal Engine 4

They have made a Deus Ex like level in Unreal Engine 4

Thats amazing looking. They say in the comments that they will be providing that level and more as learning assets in the beta.

I have both (substance painter and new version of quixel suite) and for ease of use I think quixel comes off better but is more expensive (at the moment) and requires Photoshop. This can be prohibitive for hobyists so I think in terms of cost vs performance/end result Substance painter is better overall.

Has the Quixel suite been released already or is it still in development / beta?