Is it possible to replicate this anime look in UE4?

So I found this toon shader for blender cycles:

After some tweaking, I was able to get it to look like this (the eyes are just placeholder, ignore them):

The problem now is that I can’t find a way to replicate this in UE4. All the methods I’ve searched and the tutorials I’ve seen give a completely different result. Anyone have any ideas?

it looks like basic cell shading to me. theres actually a live training on that topic on the unreal engine youtube channel.

I’ve seen that one. It’s not the same.

Yeah, it should be possible.

You should look at this tutorial; that may bring you closer to your goal.

This one is pretty good. I’ve been messing around with it since yesterday. This is the best I’ve got:

Now I just need to get the edges right. I think I’ll just have to bite the bullet and do the UV trick. Thanks for linking this toon shader though.