IOS optimization (iPad)


Mobile development is really hard according to my experience. You need optimized models,textures, baked lighting, no unnecessary coding, correct and optimize material setup. It can change what type of game you want to make. But they are the steps that i check every time. I learned a lot by trying and getting error and there is also tons of tips and tricks you can find for every different problem (lighting,texturing…) Your game looks different on mobile you said. Maybe you didn’t check it in engine by with mobile preview? Using the Mobile Previewer in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

And for optimization tips, this helps a lot.

Hi, I am pretty new to UE4. I deployed my game to iPad, because I want this game eventually be a mobile game. The problem is that it looks way different than what I see on PC. All the lines look very zigzag and materials with reflection appear really dark. The frame rate is decent, I set it cap to 60. What can I do to optimize? Other UE games I played on iPad look nice, I wonder there must be some way.

I used the c++ template, although haven’t right anything in c++ yet. I didn’t enable the BP nativization yet.

Thanks bro, it really helps!