Integrate Shaders (SSDO)

how can i integrate such shaders like this one: GitHub - kayru/dssdo: Deferred Screen Space Directional Occlusion into the UE4?

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To learn about Development and Integration of Shaders in Unreal Engine 4, please go here:

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but its not an InEngine shader, its an outstanding shader from github that i wanted to integrate in the engine because it says that the UE4 ist open source so normally i could integrate this because the engine is graphically too poor for what i need like dynamic GI or this alternate SSDO. when its not possible then its a hoax that the engine is open source.

As points out, there’s nothing really stopping you from integrating this yourself, it just takes a bit of work. You could look at PostProcessAmbientOcclusion.h and model your SSDO implementation after it.

Swapping out the SSAO for another type of ambient occlusion isn’t trivial, but it’s certainly do-able.