[INFO] Useful info/links on UE4 for Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced skill levels!

Hey ladies & gents,

I’ve been doing some serious digging into the UE4 forums and decided to compile a thread of really just overall useful info pertaining to UE4 overall specifically for the Ark Modding sub-forums to make new modders lives easier! These do not pertain directly to the Dev Kit necessarily, but you can learn a massive amount from these regardless.

This will initially just start off with mostly beginner level & intermediate level stuff. These are pretty loosely categorized, so don’t hesitate to check out a video in Beginner if you are an Advanced skill level, and visa verse, you might be surprised at what you find.

None of these tutorials/videos or content are made by myself, I am just simply digging through the forums for nifty tutorials, documentation, etc to bookmark for reading later, so do not thank me for anything more than doing the leg work to gather & compile it here :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a work in progress, please feel free to send anything my way you think should be added to this that would help others!

I made this with the intentions of having an all in one type thread that has everything a beginner/intermediate level modder would need to get started, without the hassle of having to dig through the forums.


If they don’t mention Ark, it’s not SPECIFIC to the Dev Kit.

In addition to that, I take no responsibility for you messing up your Dev Kit if you attempt some of this in it, and things go south.

I hope this encourages some people who may have previously felt overwhelmed by the Dev Kit & UE4 :smiley:

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NOTE: Will be adding more regularly as I find more and as the community submits!


Another tutorial from Vertebrat on Textures for Heightmaps

Fruity wrote up a nice little tutorial on how to paint in foliage on your own map!

Drathek wrote up a guide on how to remap supply crates in detailed steps!

Vertebrat’s 2nd tutorial on importing FBX blender files! PS: Sorry for accidentally removing this! Thought I had double posted the same link, so I removed it when updating it. My apologies! >.<


Uzumi posted a really great breakdown of map making in the ADK :smiley:

An official FPS/TDS tutorial from scratch by Unreal! This covers A-Z with UE for the most part! GREAT PLACE FOR NEW MODDERS WHO WANT TO DO REALLY INTRICATE THINGS!!

ComplexMinded recently posted a great how to with troubleshooting advice for editing items with custom inventories!

Drathek’s breakdown on how to mass edit using the Property Matrix! This is GREAT for anyone whom wants to dive into a mod that changes quite a bit of core functionality, and it gets you the results you want!

This in my opinion is probably one of the better starting points for new modders & any whom is new to UE4. It really breaks down the classes, their roles, and workflow quite well & simply.

A wonderful playlist of Ark mapping/modding tutorials by Brick!

Vertebrat made a great tutorial on how to export fbx blender files into the Dev Kit!

FancyFlannel’s tutorial on importing/exporting tutorial with Maya!

Salcarr’s modding playlist for Ark!

Quick Start Guide for Map Makers:

Overall UE4 Video Tutorials, ranging from beginner to advanced!

A wonderful tutorial on using Worldmachine with UE4 to make maps!

An awesome step by step on how to add new dino variants in the Dev Kit by JasonFJ!

A nice example blueprint for blueprinting the server sided authorities for an item to spawn an NPC in. Can give you an idea of how server sided authorities have to be blueprinted. Credit goes all to Drake :stuck_out_tongue:


Exilog wrote up a guide on howto get your map working with GPS :slight_smile:

K4r3l01 blueprinted out a nice example for logging instigator attacks

Cwm breaks down how references work in some situations, explains how sometimes references can involve quite a bit of remapping, etc!

From the ground up making CoD Zombies in UE4. This can be used to gain a ton of insight into certain processes and how they work in the Dev Kit. This tutorial series is all done in Visual Scripting Blueprinting, so again no C++ needed :). This covers such a wide range of features of UE4 & the workflow that I would recommend this to everyone. The series is in the process of being recorded fyi.

Tutorials on UE4’s new Substance plugin. I don’t know if/when this will ever be supported in the Dev Kit’s version, but either way, one could use this in retail UE4 to make textures/materials & then transfer it over to the Dev Kit theoretically.

Another shootertutorial dot com tutorial! This one is for adding FPP and TPP mesh’s to a new character!


This is a great website that starts from the ground up on a FPS in UE4 and covers it in video tutorial form. Everything is done via Visual Scripting, and ZERO C++ is used.
This can range from Beginner to Advanced. It covers a wide range of topics and tasks that we commonly use in the Dev Kit.

General Useful Links

Ditsov is rallying the community to contribute their findings to the Ark Wiki! There is already quite a ton of stuff documented, so have at it, but please try to pay it forward and contribute something that isn’t already there if you can :slight_smile:

Free software tools & resource list. Has 3D Modeling Software, Digital Audio Workstations (DAW for short), Texturing Software, Free Materials, Free Textures, etc etc listed. Very very useful :smiley:

Super Thread with link’s to documentation (mostly documentation) & a good deal of video tutorials on pretty much everything UE4 :slight_smile:

FBX Import issue forum thread. Very useful info on how to correctly & incorrectly import FBX (Autodesk format) files.

FBX Import Problems? Look Here! - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums!

& more to be added

Enjoy & I hope you find this at least a little bit helpful,

  • Sinari

Has anyone figured out how to import assets already in the dev kit to a map yet? still not able to get my ruins into the game

What exactly is the problem when you import? An error? I’d love to help if I can, but I would need more info (and so would others) on exactly what happens :slight_smile:

  • Sinari

Great idea, kudos to you sir!

Thank you good sir :slight_smile:

I cant seem to find a way to import the UASSET files into my mod map, ruins show up in the editor and all but as soon as i cook it they dont transfer with it, I have tried putting the files into my mod folder manually but that didnt seem to work

Ah, I think I do know what the issue is. If it is not cooking then chances are it is referencing it or just some of it from the original folder. Did you try moving it via inside the Dev Kit and then saving, closing, then reopening to cook? I had a few issues with things not cooking/referencing things correctly when moving them outside of the Dev Kit, or sometimes even inside the Dev Kit. Moving it inside, then saving, closing, and reopening seemed to do it for me as I recall.

  • Sinari

@sinarisinestro Awesome! always putting in work to help people out, they need a reputation system in these forums so people know who they can rely on for accurate or useful information!

Well, I make it clear when I’m not 100% sure on something, or just theorizing, but generally speaking I’m pretty accurate. Most of that knowledge stems from me encountering these problems, digging a bit, or just brainstorming for a while to come up with a list of possible culprits.

That would be a nice feature, but that is up to Unreal Engine to handle (which I think would really benefit them as well honestly), not Ark’s staff sadly.

I’m not in it for the rep though, I’m just paying it forward, and helping the Dev’s out in return for all they’ve done for the community and myself thus far.

Karma is a powerful force in my experience. If you put good intentions out there, you will get them back w/ a little bonus :slight_smile:

  • Sinari

I am a PC modder and the site i use has a rep system, very reliable for letting those know who they can refer to for accurate help in most cases.

I concur, I’ve seen a few sites that have this type of system in place and it is usually 9/10 a good way to indicate that. I’d like to see that, but again, pretty sure that the Ark Dev’s have no control over that other than just suggesting it to UE4’s staff :confused:


Don’t forget UE4’s documentation!

I found their quick start guide for landscaping very useful (Landscape Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation).

They also have some other video tutorials here (Samples and Tutorials | Unreal Engine Documentation).

Personally, I’ve found the quick start guides to be incredibly useful as a newcomer to UE4 or any type of modding/map making.

See, I knew I had forgotten something! Thank you very much :smiley:

Adding to OP now!

  • Sinari

You should also link brick’s mapping/modding playlist and consider salcarr’s modding playlist.

edit and fancy flannel’s import export tutorial with maya

Thank you very much Drathek, greatly appreciated. Adding now!

There are also many little tips out there on the forum like Drake’s example for replicated actors or K4r3l01’s example for logging instigator attacks that you could maybe throw together in a code snippet section. There’s just so much information and tips that have been thrown into this forum it is so easy to lose track of everything.

Thanks again. Already had the example Drake had posted up there, and added the logging instigator attacks :smiley:

Can a dev/moderator pin this please?

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Great work Sinari.

Very informative for everyone.

No problem, and thank you :slight_smile: