Importing fbx - create material instances problem

Hey guys,

I am trying to import some FBX files, and I am using these settings because I would like the engine to create material instances off a master material:

For some FBX files the process works and instances are created, for others it doesn’t, and Unreal creates normal materials. I don’t know what causes this. But the following really puzzled me:

On that particular mesh, Unreal decided to create 2 instances (based on the master material) and 3 normal materials!!

Do you guys have any idea why this happens?

I am thinking the problem lies in the FBX files and not in the engine, because the import settings are the same, and for some files they work and for some they don’t. But I can’t think of what to check - or do differently - on the FBX files…

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Is there a different amount of materials per fbx in cases that give different results? I haven’t encountered this issue, so I’m just going on a limb, but that might be something relevant.


Thanks for replying!

Yes, some files have 5 materials, some 10, some 15 etc.

For example I imported a FBX with 16 materials, and it created 16 instances. Then I imported another with 10 materials and it created 10 materials.

And the one I showcase here is the highlight: It created some of the one and some of the other.

Please elaborate about your thoughts?

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i also have this problem, no fix or problem identified yet

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i’m using maya for make fbx file and i had same issue in 4.27.2.

after read your post, i’ve done simple test and the result is:

  • material with assigned texture in maya → imported as material
  • material without assigned texture in maya → correctly imported as material instance
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read this