IES Profile Shadows Glitches

Not sure how to describe this, but there’s a visual artefact that occurs when using IES Profiles on Shadow-Casting Spotlights.

The object I’m shadowing from my tanks’ light seems to create some kind of outline around the other tanks… video explains it better.

Hey TheJamsh -

The link to your Youtube Video is not working for us, it says that the video is unavailable. Can you reupload the video?

Thanks -

Eric Ketchum


Hey James,

I’ve tried using your IES profile along with a couple of others I grabbed from the net, but I’ve been unable to reproduce this in 4.7 or 4.8 that I can see.

From the looks of it, and this is purely speculation on my part, do you have a shield or power up mesh that surrounds the tank that is similar in shape? If so, that’s what looks like is being the issue. Even so, I tried using a fully translucent mesh and slightly visible mesh to see if I could replicate around my spaceship mesh (one used from twin stick shooter template) , but that didn’t work for me either.

If you have any easier way of reproducing this let me know and I’ll gladly look into it.

Thank you!


Hi Tim,

Good guess but there’s nothing around the craft ;), It’s purely the mesh as it is. What I’ll do is find a way to send you what you need to reproduce the issue, it’ll take me a little while to sort the files out though!


  • James

Hi Eric, sorry I’ve made the video Public now just incase. I kept it as unlisted that’s all but that might have messed it up a little.

It’s always appreciate! You can send me anything you need me to look at via private message on the forums if that makes it easier.

I’ll see if I can try and reproduce this with some other meshes that aren’t in the template, maybe that will lead somewhere.

Thanks, again!


Hi Tim, just an update - The Mesh is a Skeletal Mesh, should have mentioned that before.

I also have DistanceField on I believe, not that that should affect Skeletal Meshes anyway.

I thought maybe those steps would help me in reproducing on my end, but I’m still not seeing anything like in your video.

I setup a scene using Distance Fields (which as we both know, does not affect skeletal meshes), with skeletal meshes and static meshes for comparison, but I’m not able to see the anything that seems that similar in my test map.

If you have any other thoughts or suggestions I’m happy to try them when I get time.