I need something in-between static and stationary lights.

Hello everyone. I’m having some issues lighting my scene. You can see the problem in this image:


With stationary lights, I get some nice specular reflections in the ceiling, the arch to the right, and other objects, but with static lights everything looks less reflective, more flat. The problem is that I’d like to use static lights because I need area shadows.

I’ve made some experiments by using static lighting and some unlit balls that I disable on begin play and lowering the roughness of all materials:


But it’s a very hacky solution and not very precise, since those reflections are stored in the reflection capture sphere, and some materials look too reflective because of lowering the roughness.

Is there a way I can achieve this? Thanks :slight_smile:

Sphere Reflection Capture (in the Visual Effects in the modes tab) is your friend here. Play around with it and I promise you will find a good way to reach your wanted results.

+1 Yep, sphere or box reflection in this area is what you need for specular highlights with static lighting.

Use the slash key to preview the color calibrator mesh in your scene and adjust the reflection sphere/box brightness if reflections seem too dim or bright.