How To Prevent Interior Lighting From Affecting Exterior Actors?

In my game, I have a building with a set of interior lights that start off unlit, which are then turned on through a circuit breaker BP on the outside. When turned on, however, the circuit breaker itself as well as the edge of the ground next to the bottom of the wall receive some lighting. I have tinkered with several settings and can’t seem to get this issue to go away. It isn’t clear whether the issue is more something to do with the properties of the lighting or the properties of my building and circuit breaker actors as far as how they’re affected by light. It would seem to me that the presence of the building’s wall should just occlude light passing through, but I’m fairly new to grappling with the lighting aspects of the engine so there must be something I’m just not understanding. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Any ideas?

Still seeking help for this.

Still need help with this and my deadline is today. Come on guys, haven’t gotten any help with my last several questions.

I need a way to at least either make the building’s BSP occlude the interior light from passing outside, or a way to make the exterior alley path and circuit breaker that are being illuminated by the interior light to not accept that light.