How to manually change graphic settings?

I built a whole map while running on the the new Cinematic graphic quality setting, the map REQUIRES a lot of foliage to be loaded, but I notice when I change the quality down to Epic or lower the foliage almost completely disappears. Is there a way to manually change what change is going to happen when I switch to a different quality, so I can keep the same culling distance for the foliage?

First picture is on Epic Quality settings and the Second on Cinematic, I want to keep all that forest on any setting!

You can set each scalability setting manually using the game user settings blueprint. So for exampe you could set everything to epic but foliage to cinematic. However each setting in the game user settings changes a few values in the Scalability.ini. You can also adjust these values in the ini by hand, but I think they will be overriten when you play from editor.
Check the wiki for more information about the settings: Scalability Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank You man. This helped me find a way :slight_smile:

Was facing the same problem! so the solution is to work on Epic setting and step up setting to match with Cinematic right?