How to make light source bloom?

How do I set a Light to bloom when viewed directly.
Example when a spot light shines directly on your face you’ll see a bright source that makes looking at other things hard.
Kind of like how you’ll feel when someone points a flashlight directly at your face.

Basically I’m using a spotlight as torch but it wont shine in your face even you look directly at it at close distance


You can create Unlit material with high intensity.

And assight it to lightning suraface

View Side

View Front

And yes, combine with Spot Light.

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■■■■! I’m still stupid, Thanks, that’s a very obvious answer yet it didn’t crossed my mind :slight_smile:

Also will there be light emitting materials enabled in coming releases?

As a supplement I’ll suggest to add a covering mesh on the side so it wont bloom until the desired angle

Also keep in mind that your image is showing more than just bloom - the lens flare is a large component in this effect.

What sort of control I have over that?