How to make an actor (static mesh) look flat

Hi there,

We have a mesh of a button with some bevels etc. ,and we would like to make it flatter when the user clicks on it. Simply resizing the button to near flatness does not give it ‘flatter’ look at all. In fact from the front is still looks exactly the same. I’m guessing the normals and other precaluculated lighting and ambient occlusion are preventing it from looking flat.
Does anyone have an idea on how to accomplish this?
Thank you!

Hey BramV,

Typically if you want to make something look more flat you would do any number of things. One option is to turn off the normals. Another is to open your mesh in a modeling software and eliminate some of the geometry. If you want it flat for when an event happens, like clicking on it, then you might try creating a blend shape or LOD that is called when clicking on it. That way you could have another button that looks a little flatter and it would be called when that event happens.