how to delete project in UEFN?

I didn’t find an option to delete the project in UEFN.

Do I have to delete the folder?

Hi @LordKavanha, yes deleting the project folder is the current method for removing projects from the UEFN Project Browser.

Edit: Spoke to quickly, sorry :sweat_smile: You can delete projects locally on your machine by deleting the project folder. However, since the project also “lives” in the cloud UEFN will still “think” that the project exists. Sorry for the confusion. We’ll be adding the ability to remove projects from the cloud in the future.


Ok. I deleted the folder, but the project is still there and a warning appears that the project is not found.

I closed and opened the editor and also clicked on refresh , but it didn’t solve it. I believe it could be a bug.

As mentioned by HalcyonKnight96, we cannot delete projects from UEFNs creator-portal as of yet. Deleting/Archiving projects is under development but ETA unknown.

In the mean time however, to prevent them from showing up locally you can go to your creator portal page and navigate to ‘projects’ (ie: Epic Games) and ‘Unstar’ any projects you don’t want to see.


Thanks @HalcyonKnight96 and @Sqwerk

If you can help with the problem I have in this post Blocker - Filter Details - #3 by LordKavanha I would be grateful.

That’ll be handy, especially when creators are making MULTIPLE maps and they’d only want to see the one’s currently W.I.P.

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Glad to hear that’s being implemented.

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It should not be marked solved until it is fixed. I am glad it is being looked into

Can someone from Epic chime in and provide any ETA on this feature?

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The status of UCB-1111 incident has been moved from ‘Needs Triage’ to ‘Closed’. Resolution Reason: ‘By Design’

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You can right click on a tile in your project window and choose Archive


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Hope this helps this is what I have noticed:

Currently as of now, if you have not archived the file or saved it to cloud, you can go to documents/Fortnite Projects and delete any project and they should be gone in your library list in UEFN.

*Note: any cloud archive/save currently cannot be deleted. If you want a project not to show that you already deleted from your Projects folder, you will have to click on the project and click archive in UEFN library. Now it should be off your current active projects list. As of now, this does not permenantly delete your project as it is still in the background under archived projects(the little archive file button to the upper right of the library window.).

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You posted this a year ago, claiming that we would eventually have the ability to both archive and delete our projects. Yet we STILL cannot delete our projects (only archive them)? WHY?! Is this part of an Epic Games business strategy to force all of their creators to keep all of their projects?

I have a project I literally can’t ever use again, because I formatted my harddrive on a the computer that had the local project files. Yet the cloud copy of the project exists, and I can’t delete it. PLEASE GIVE US THE ABILITY TO DELETE OUR UEFN PROJECTS ENTIRELY!!!

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Surely this has been addressed already?

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a reminder that last year it was said “is under development but ETA unknown”.

It is by design, I wish we knew this before we created islands for the dev team to be able to reproduce issues. I am afraid not every island can be repurposed, so for example if you start with RR template and decide to not proceed with it I do not think it is easy to convert the map to a normal uefn map. There is also this bug: I transferred a personal project to our team, but it instead created duplicate maps, team cannot play or publish

Also there are unrecoverable islands in disabled state which cannot be fixed even by administrator.

All these create clutter. Considering there are so many issues maybe it makes sense to allow creators delete islands after some time.

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