How to create recoil using blueprints(Resolved)

I know this has been asked before, but this is the answer I came up with and it didn’t help me.
I have already used this blueprint:


But it did not really work too well. When ever you fired, the recoil would just be too instant, I have tried using camera shake, but it just gets too annoying and disruptive of the gameplay. I know there is a way to use timelines, any advice on how?

My suggestion to keep it simple and clean and easy. Camera shake. You can make it look like recoil without affecting the actual location of the player.

Create a camerashake class and edit its value and then call it on InputAction(fire).isPressed

You can download the multiplayer shootout demo (25MB) to see how its used by epic games themselves.

If you want to calculate recoil to actually affect how a bullet is shot, thats ALOT more complicated.

Hope this helps
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Thanks for the answer! But this isn’t really the way I want the recoil to play out, I would need it to affect where the bullet is fired.

Sorry if this is considered a necro post, wanted to slap an image up that kinda works as a temporary solution to recoil (execution pin is coming from a line trace [used to visually show the recoil track] - Hope this helps anyone that stumbles onto this thread - also, as it never returns to 0, the bullets follow the recoil track) :slight_smile:

Here is a basic image of the spread:


I already found a solution myself, I just lerped the value. Thanks anyway though, your solution is a good strategy too.