How I can achieve the same material on the vegetation of my fir trees as in the game Dauntless?

I think that normal work has been done here, but I do not understand that.

probably need to play around with the normals. if you can share a pic of your tree, the tree material, and a pic from dauntless, it will be easier for people to answer your question.

btw, the title of your question is confusing. idk maybe English is your second language, or you rearranged the wording and didn’t delete all the words from the initial version of your question.

Yes, thanks, I was just very tired when I wrote the question and made a lot of inaccuracies

Thank you, this is interesting advice, but not what I need.
You gave me a good search vector, now I will study this issue in a narrower direction

Thanks again, thanks to your tip I was able to do practically what I wanted