Hide mesh light source Emissive Material


Is it possible to keep only glow from Emissive material ? I mean to hide the mesh and keep only the glow (bloom) emitted by the mesh.

Thanks for your help

In order to see the emissive material it needs to be applied to something. If you hide what it is applied to you won’t be able to see the glow as it is no longer visible. Can you provide some screenshots, and I might be able to assist you further.

Thanks @EliasWick for your answer.

I have a skeleton with two materials :

  • In the middle (white), a glass material
  • On the side ( violet), a material that emits light on the edges of the glass material

I don’t want to see the source of the emissive light, only the glow. I mean, like the blue electric light is on the sides of my glass material.

I tought to reverse normals of the mesh but there are an animation on the skeleton with rotation and i will see it at one moment.

Can I leave this result in emissive and delete the white color in the opacity ?


Yes, it is possible. Lumen - Material Pass Replace Node - #2 by Phyronnaz
Using a custom node in the material you can separately control light the light being emitted vs the objects appearance.

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