Hide lightbulb gizmo icons?

Does anyone know how to hide the lightbulb icons (gizmos) that appear with all lights in the viewport?

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More specifically, how to hide them when editing a blueprint. In the main viewport, turning on game view hides them (along with all other controls).

Hey Ian,

The icons are called Sprites in UE4. You can choose which types of sprites you see in the Viewport. Under Show > Sprites, you can select the types you want to see and the ones you do not.

For right now, there is no way to hide or resize Sprites in the Blueprint editor, but it is a known issue and we have a report in for that. There’s some more information here:

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday

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Thanks Ben! That solved my issue in the main viewport.

Quick update to this that you can resize sprites on an individual basis. Just select the sprite in question, and in its Details panel, under the Rendering section, adjust Editor Sprite Scale.


It works. Thanks man!