HELP: Fog of war c++ for a complete nooblet

Hi I would like to implement a fog of war system to my game, but I have no knowledge of how to accomplish this whatsoever. Most of the “tutorials” are just cpps and headers that just “do it”. Normally, id just dissect the code and learn what each bit does. However, alot of stuff i have no idea about. I have no understanding of render targets, gaussian blur, texels,dynamic textures, and more. If anyone has any sources or can provide any help about how to create a system like this, id be grateful.

what im trying to accomplish:
a 3D fog of war system where the whole map is covered in shroud, kind of like Starcraft 2.
Friendly units have a 3d sight radius where there is no shroud.
Id like it if the map is greyed out like SC2, not completely black.
If possible, Id like the ability to remember where actors were once uncovering them, like Starcraft 2. This isnt essential.
All help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: