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Hi, well… I am a college student and im very very interested on CG programming, and I think Unreal can help me a lot!
I am a beginner and I downloaded the Quake 2 Source to understand complex C code and basic openGL programming, but I want to know more about unreal, is there a link or site to help me to understand the code that generates the graphics? Or what .h files or .cpp files I should check first? I’ve been studying a lot of math, like vector math, rendering equation, BRDF, NDF, AO equation and many things more, so we can say I have a little bit of knowledge.


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I can point you to source, heres center code for Render Hardware Interface, the common interface for all renderers for each render libaries:

Then you got RHI modules for diffrent render liberies:


OpenGL (which also contains ES support):

Apple’s Metal:

Note that UE4 is far more complex then Carmack’s engines

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Here is documentation:

link text

To really poke around in the engine, you should probably download and build C++ from GitHub and not the launcher. Also, you could look into writing HLSL shaders.

link text

THIS! This what I was looking for, thank you so much!

These links helped me too a lot! Thanks so much! Yeah, carmack’s engines are easier because well, they have 90’s technology but I think is very good to start with them. Thanks so much.