GOLEM Entity Construction System

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[FONT=arial black]GOLEMCraft, The ‘Collage Entity’ Construction System

GOLEMCraft, The ‘Collage Entity’ Construction System is a UE4 Blueprints-based Procedural Construction System that creates Creatures from a collage of smaller Mesh components attached to animated skeleton. This simple construction methodology supports the creation of very unique and complex creatures and other entities.


[TD]** GOLEM Body Builder (****In-game **Editor)
Procedural Construction
Network Support
Game Play Mechanisms
Lifetime Updates

Toolbox: Bodyshape Selector/Modifiers, Fragment Spray-gun, Material Picker

Frontend & Backend Support

Load/Save, Export Data Options

Agnostic UI Interface

Data Driven (*.csv)

Multi-user Support (tentative)

Auto Symmetry

Auto Segment Incremental Scaling

Morph Bodyshape

Dynamic Bodyshape Extension

Swap Materials (WYSIWYG)

Extend Bodyshape

Network Repository Support
(Create Creature Libraries, Share Creation via Network)
Procedural Animation Support

Dismemberment & Destruction

Brains (AI Behavior Sub-modules)
User Manual
GOLEM BP Module Updates

New Content: Skeletons, Animations, Bodyshapes, Fragments, Materials, A/V Effects and Brains


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[SIZE=7]**GOLEMCraft [SIZE=5]v1.0
[/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=5]3D ‘Collage Construction’ Editing [/SIZE]Application
developed with Blueprints
In-game [SIZE=4]WYSIWYG UE4-Powered Editing Application
to pre-assemble/customize Game Entities using the
Collage Construction Methodology.
Collage Construction: **
Attachment of 1000s [/SIZE][/SIZE]of different meshes to a Skeletal or Static Mesh to form a whole.[SIZE=3]
A simple construction methodology to assemble unique and complex creatures and other entities.

*=center][SIZE=4][SIZE=4]Operate as a Standalone App
or Embed in existing Game Project[/SIZE]
*=center][SIZE=4]Configurable UMG Frontend/Backend [/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=4]GUI[/SIZE][/SIZE]
*=center]Local Load/Save Data Options via SLOTI/O
*=center]Multi-user Support/Network Replication
*=center]Symmetrical Manipulation
*=center]Morph-able Bodyshapes
*=center]Game Play Interface
*=center]Procedural Animation Interface
*=center]Dismemberment/Destruction Support
*=center][SIZE=4]Network Repository (Tentative)
[SIZE=3](Creature Libraries, Online Catalog) [/SIZE]

[HR][/HR][SIZE=4][SIZE=3][SIZE=5]Development Status****:

*=center][SIZE=4][SIZE=4]5 months in development[/SIZE]
*=center]50% Complete
*=center]Pending - SLOT I/O Integration


[HR][/HR]BP Scripting Talent Required:
[SIZE=5]'Blueprints Scripting Guru’
To assist with scripting to reduce development time for on-the-fly
Research and Development for collage construction methodology,
Editor functionality and feature implementation, optimizations and profiling.

User Interface Design Talent Required:
’UMG UI Designer/Artist’
To assist in improving the Flashiness of the
Front end/Back end Menu Layout, User-Friendliness, Aesthetics and Animation.

[/SIZE][SIZE=4]3D Art Talent Required:
[SIZE=5]**Experienced UE4 **3D Artist/Animator
For consultation and assistance in functionality and stress testing
of the Editing Application’s UI and features from the Artist’s and Gamer perspective.

Open to Skill Trade
Need a Blueprinter? Lets discuss trading skills!
[/SIZE][/SIZE] [HR][/HR]

About Me:
Frankie ‘TechLord’ Taylor
Blueprints Visual Scripting
UnrealEd Suite
Web-Programming: HTML, PHP, Javascript, SQL
Programmer Art: Blender3D
Network Admin Support

My Previous Work:
Online Portalfolio](http://www.hpquest.com/)

UE4 Private Message Me
Skype: [FONT=courier new]techlord_on_skype

Additional Info:[/SIZE]

  • Online only.

  • Cannot travel.

  • Only available 5 days/6 hours a week Mon - Fri.

  • Can only speak English.

  • Uses Perforce Source Control

PM for Account and Access ](Using Perforce as Source Control | Unreal Engine Documentation)[HR][/HR]

How GOLEMCraft is Monetized:
Co-Developers earn a Royalty percentage from each product
GOLEMCraft is included in.

**[SIZE=4]UE4 or Other Online MarketPlace:
**GOLEMCraft will be submitted to the Unreal Marketplace
as a Blueprints Application Module to provide UE4 Developers
a unique in-game Entity Pre-fab/Customization solution

Supplemental Content:
Supplemental Content: Collage Construction Parts, Part-Packs, Whole Entities, Entity Packs
DLCs to be published and sold online.

Dragon’s Gold FPS RPG Dungeon Crawl Game:
GOLEMCraft will be showcased in my FPSRPG Dungeon Crawl: Dragon’s Gold to assemble/customize
Character Armor, Monsters, Melee & Fire Weapons, Treasure Items
Dragon’s Gold generates revenue with [/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]Pay-to-Play: Treasure Hunt, Arena Tournaments, Item Malls

[SIZE=4]3D Adventure Construction Suite:
[/SIZE][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]GOLEMCraft will be showcased in the 3D Adventure Construction Suite
A Real-time 3D Game Masters/Role Playing Game
Inspired by Stuart Smith’s Adventure Construction Set[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

Comments welcome![/SIZE]


“The Gumball Man”



Menacing Static Mesh Instancing
GOLEM Construction System.
Fragment Bodypart (Limb) Layers and Fragmutators.

Animated GOLEM (best viewed in HD)

Symmetrical Fragment Generation

Zer0Aligned Fragments

Symmetric Segment Incremental Scale down
(Click Image to Enlarge)

Rocks, GoldBars & BubbleGum

Basic Golem Assembly Process:

  1. Attach Shape Component to Skeletal Joints
  2. Spawn a Fragment external to Shape and interpolate towards Shape
  3. Test Collision against Fragment vs Shape
    3a) If Overlap, attach Fragment Mesh to Joint associated to Shape.

This is really cool, can’t wait to see future updates!

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Thanks Drexciya,

Short-term update is to improve the Fragment vs Fragment collision checking to minimize Fragment overlap and fill in the space more efficiently. Long-term planned features include support for Dismemberment, Interface to wireup a UI, in-game assembly & customization (Fragment Painter).

This is insane and really cool. Good job!

What a wonderful system. Even though you say “Golem” it seems to have so much potential to be adaptable for countless styles of beast. Wow, this could be something very special. All those creature specific features, animation, collision/fragmenting, sound triggers, etc. gathered into an accessible system is a dream for an amateur like me.

I’m imagining a sky-high colossus of rock, plants, and fur. So excited to see a system specifically for making such a creature. That is what is on my paper sketches but yet to be brought to life digitally.

Do you plan to add it to market? You’ve already got a sale, I know that much. How far away to do estimate an early workable release to be?

Please keep it up!

Thanks Sitrec. I appreciate the kind words.

Thanks comet. GOLEM ECS is part of a greater Modular Entity Construction System supporting assembly/customization using Modular Interchangeable Parts and Morph-Targets (Shape Deformation). I aim to make the system adaptable for countless creatures, weapons, and more. GOLEM ECS Assembly can also compliment traditional singular mesh Characters,etc as Dynamic Armor or Infectious Growth. With infinite combination of mesh shape and material, you could easily create the Colossus Earth GOLEM with rock & plants fragment meshes and fur shader/materials.

I planned to add GOLEM ECS to the Marketplace, after publishing my VR-Ready Online First-Person Hack 'n Blast Action RPG Dungeon Crawl Treasure Hunt. My game uses the system as the exclusive means of generating all the Monsters, so I wanted to be the first to show it off. The system is 100% Blueprints and requires a few tweaks to improve its user-friendliness. However, with greater interest/enthusiasm from the community, I will consider earlier Marketplace submission.

I REALLY look forward to seeing this on the Marketplace! Please keep us updated as I am interested in purchasing it soon for an Action RPG I am developing and something like this would really be impressive!

Seeking suggestions for a Blueprints-based method to use a Collision Mesh/DOP Hull ONLY without Mesh Rendering. The purpose is to improve the GOLEM ECS Assembly Process. Currently, I use basic Collision Shape Components (Box, Capsule, Sphere) which can be overlapped to create a composite complex shape. However, I desire to also use collision meshes and hulls. I assumed I could add a static or skeletal mesh components and access the collision mesh/hull. No Dice. The current ideas are to export a empty fbx and import into it UE4:

  1. Without auto collision/use custom collision mesh
  2. in the UE4 Static Mesh Editor copy collision from another mesh

I’m opened to any and all suggestions, recommendations, and opinions. Thanks in advance.

Hi liondog, thank you for your response. I have three questions for you.

  1. What is your timeline for your Action RPG? Currently, GOLEM ECS has no estimated time of arrival (ETR) for the Marketplace. This answer will help me determine what needs to be prioritized.
  2. What are you willing to pay for it and why? Being a new and unique product, this answer will help me determine a decent pricepoint (and not overprice it).
  3. What do you intend to use GOLEM ECS for? This answer will help me determine new Features?

I asked about the custom collision on yesterday stream regarding the animation recording, but I didn’t watch it, so I don’t know if they answered or not, even because I need it as well for my character customization tool.
The main issue ( and here we have a common problem ) is that the shape of your entity can vary, and so also the collision mesh should change accordingly.
I suggest you ( if its possible of course ) to see if you can setup a kind of “proxy volume” based on the amount of the particles, which defines roughly the particles area, then morph the custom collision shape accordingly to the volume value, but then again a check for the custom collision is needed…unfortunately I haven’t found any usefull information on it, and looks like that you cannot access the capsule shapes in persona to be modified :frowning:

If I have news I’ll let you know :wink:

Hi Nicolas3D,

I have yet to use a morphing mesh, currently all primitive collision shapes (box,sphere,capsule). The system sort of works in reverse, defining the body with collision shapes, then attaching fragments to these shapes. Using a Blueprints Construction Script, I attach Collision Shapes to the Skeleton by bone/socket name with a Attach To Blueprints Node. These Bodypart Shapes coexist with PHaT, and the orientation and scale of these shapes can be adjusted real-time. When I start using Morph Meshes for Bodypart Shapes, I anticipate using some complex collision checking.

I’m now adding the ability to use more complex collision shapes along with the primitive. The goal is to extract and use the collision mesh/hull only (no rendering mesh). I’m still working it out. I found a cheat by importing a extremely low polygon shape: plane.fbx [2 tris] from Blender and copying the Collision from another Static Mesh to it.


this looks amazing…it would perfectly fit in to my current project

any updates when it may come out on marketplace? cant wait to play with this :slight_smile:

Hi evolution_nut I truly appreciate your interest. No estimated time of arrival at this time, however, I’m grinding on it everyday. Progress is steady. Currently working on Core sub-systems that will support several In-game Modular/Procedural/Customizable/Construction Systems: GOLEMCraft, GLAIVERave](GLAIVERave: A Procedural Fantasy Melee Weapon's Designer - Marketplace - Epic Developer Community Forums), PyroLance, MOODSAURUS, others. Blueprints makes it easy to attach components to joints, which is at the heart of each Editor, its the GUI interfaces that require some dedicated drawing board time.

Would attaching a particle system to the components and using the particle collision work?

Yes. You can attach any type of component to a bone. Attaching Particles effects is part of the system.

@TechLord This is very impressive. You are on to something really neat here, definitely huge potential. Can’t wait to see more.