Global illumination inside closed box

In my level there is a cube consisting of multiple cubes which the players travels between. Now I want these cubes to be lit equally, no shadows are required. Just global lighting like in eg. Maya where the model was made.

I don’t want to use point lights per room as these make shadows and do not equally light the room. Also many cubes would require too many point lights. So far I tried using the environment intensity, or a skybox. I could not get both of these to work properly.

Any help would highly be appriciated.

You could try this:

  • Place lights in the cube and then build the lights.
  • after that place a scene capture cube actor into the level and capture the cubemap of the cube. Save it as a static texture in the content browser.
  • Remove all of the light sources > enable Force No Precomputed Lighting under World Settings > Lightmass. Build the lights one last time to get rid of lightmaps.
  • Go to Ambient Cubemap section of your global PP volume and put the generated cubemap into the cubemap slot and adjust the intensity to your liking.

It worked! Thanks for helping.