Free Plugin: Refresh All Nodes

Check out my new free plugin, Refresh All Nodes!

This plugin adds a button to the Blueprints toolbar menu which, when pressed, will refresh all of your blueprint nodes. This can be used to solve errors in your blueprints caused by modifying custom structures.

This is what it looks like:

How it works

In the Blueprint Editor, under “File”, there is a button called “Refresh all nodes”. When you press it, it refreshes all blueprint nodes in that blueprint (duh) :roll_eyes: . This can fix problems related to Structs and other modified objects referenced in that blueprint. Well, if you changed a core Struct that was used in many blueprints, you may need to refresh many, many blueprints, which could be quite time-consuming. That’s where this plugin comes into play.

Basically, all the button does is run that built-in “Refresh all nodes” command on all of your blueprints.

Before you use it

Now, if you’re thinking, “Wow, this could finally be the fix to all of my C++ Hot Reload problems!”, then, unfortunately, you’re wrong. :frowning_face: From my experience, this plugin will actually make your Hot Reload errors worse by breaking the pin links that were in question, and setting the variable type of “…HOTRELOADED” objects to “Object”. That can take a while to fix.

:warning: Please do not use this to resolve warnings induced by the Hot Reload :warning:

Note to Blueprint users: the is only a problem with C++ projects

Known Issues

:exclamation: Running this plugin can cause GPU memory usage to spike up (from opening Blueprints)


:white_check_mark: Can refresh Level Blueprints
:white_check_mark: Can refresh blueprints in Plugins
:white_check_mark: Has options to exclude Blueprints in paths
:white_check_mark: Includes binaries so you don’t have to compile it yourself

You can download it here:


Hello @NachoMonkey2 ,

this is great! Helped us a lot. There is one thing that I’d like to ask though:
I have a blueprint that has an error. When I use the “refresh all nodes” function in the blueprint’s menu, it does not resolve that error for some reason. Hence, your plugin does not either.
If I however rightclick the affected node directly, and choose “refresh nodes” - it does resolve the issue.
Did you come around that problem before?

Thanks for any insights and thanks for your great plugin!

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I have encountered the same problem you described :neutral_face:. And, yes, given that the plugin is based on the “Refresh All Nodes” function in the blueprint’s menu, I can’t really solve it.

One thing I do to save some time is I bind the “refresh nodes” function from the right-click menu to the key “R”. You can do that in the Editor Preferences menu. Then, you can just press “R” to refresh the selected nodes.

@NachoMonkey2 Just found your plugin, this looks like it could be an absolutely massive time saver!!! Could you try to update this to 4.27? Thanks!!

@uJelleh, I’ve just released the plugin with precompiled binaries for UE 4.27.1, get it here:

Hope it helps!

Awesome! Does my project have to be a C++ project? I’m getting the " [myprojectname] could not be compiled - try rebuilding from source manually" after pressing build, despite trying everything.

Thing I have tried:

  1. Downloaded Source code (zip) and extracted to my project’s Plugins folder, and set the plugins folder to be writable.

  2. Deleting Binaries from my project’s root directory beforehand

  3. Downloading through Git Desktop, copying the Git folder (named RefreshAllNodes) to my project’s plugins folder and replacing the 3 files as instructed.

That should have worked, and you don’t need a C++ project with the right binaries. Are you using 4.27.0 or 4.27.1? That could be a problem.

Hey @NachoMonkey2 sorry for the late replay. I believe I was on 4.27.1 when I was testing it. The “build from source” error I think was happening without replacing the 3 files - when I do replace the 3 files in Binaries\Win64, I get this error:


Currently I’m on 4.27.2, and I still get that same error.

Hi! I have the same problem. I think this is because we are using ue4.27.2 while the plugin only supports ue4.27.1

Just recompile the plugin again in a c++ project, and it work fine.

I have just released the plugin with precompiled binaries for UE 4.27.2, you can get them here:

@NachoMonkey2 Is it possible that the release for 4.27.2 is not functioning? I’m getting an error when I try to start my project with the plugin activated. It’s possible that I’m just bad at following your installing instructions, but I don’t think so.
Other than that, it looks like a very useful tool and I’d love to use it for my current project if I could get it to run.

@NachoMonkey2 maybe something is wrong with the precompiled files for 4.27? I’m not sure how to fix this issue personally, so an answer would be appreciated.

It’s unlikely that there is something wrong with the precompiled files as much… perhaps they are just incompatible? They are compiled on Windows 10. If you are on Windows 11, that could be the problem.

If so, you’ll need to compile it yourself, which doesn’t take much beyond getting the various C++ tools installed and configured. (There are plenty of tutorials)

Sorry for the delay.

@NachoMonkey2 Thanks for the input.
We are on Win10 but we’ll try compiling the plugin manually, hopefully that works. It’s hard to believe how janky this engine behaves sometimes…

Version 1.3 is now available. I added another button that is accessible from the right-click context menu in the Content Browser that refreshes the blueprints within the selected folders.

This is extremely useful. Thanks for sharing!!

I’ve reported an issue , have you addressed it?

Version 1.4 is now available. Now the plugin compiles the blueprints after refreshing them and can catch errors. Compilation can be disabled as it does take more processing time. I also added helpful pop-up notifications.


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Really useful thanks for making it in Unreal Engine 5 :slight_smile: Really save me time fixing all the unknow error. Which is 100% fixed when packaging the game.

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