Structure values in blueprint aren't saving


I have a structure for my items (contains things like a friendly item name, thumbnail image, weight, etc.) and I’m suddenly having a really frustrating issue that came after I added a few new variables to the structure. When I try updating the values of some of the variables in the structure for one specific blueprint that uses the structure (grenade), I can compile and save just fine, but when I close my project and re-open it, all the values are reset to the defaults that are set in the parent blueprint. What gives? I haven’t run into this and I’ve been working with this structure for quite a while. I already tried making a new duplicate of the blueprint and the same thing happens.

Structures have been a royal PITA for me. Any simple change I make (like adding a variable) requires me to trace down every single reference to that structure and hit refresh node and compile, because if not, I get errors when packaging (UnknownStructure). Why are structures so busted? Is there any alternative that is more reliable? I’d hate to have to re-work my entire layout to eliminate my structure.

Edit: Well, I fixed the problem and it’s because of the issue I mentioned in the paragraph above. I had to try packaging my game, and then finding every single reference to the structure, hitting refresh node, and compiling. Extremely frustrating. I understand if the cause of this is very complex and difficult to solve, but can Epic look into adding some sort of auto-refresh-and-compile-all-blueprints-referencing-this-structure when changes are made to it?

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Having a refresh all structures nodes would be a great idea. You could submit the idea. It might get put in a future update. Or maybe it is something that can be done in c++ as a plugin (I Know very little c++). Until then we are stuck using the search function. :frowning:

Perhaps my plugin would solve this problem?

Read about it here:

Free Plugin: Refresh All Nodes

Download here:

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