Foliage, Lumen and Lighting UE5

Hi everyone, i have multiple questions
I have an outdoor forest scene with the trees, grass, and some part of the floor put as a instance foliage actor. the major part of the floor is a landscape

First of all, the trees shows up as black in the lumen overview ( but works when place individually as a static mesh) I knew lumen had trouble with foliage before it was released but I was wondering if it should work now, and if i’m doing something wrong. The trees have a ton of shadow noise. Sadly I can’t really have a forest of static mesh trees so I’m wondering the solution or work around. (I’m being cheeky and asking another question aswell, the branches and leaves all have a smearing effect when moved by the wind, I checked online and it could be something related to anti aliasing or something, asking if somebody have more direction…)

Secondly, my landscape doesn’t show up in the mesh distance field view, it’s just a hole. Wondering if that’s a problem.

As far as setting goes, I think i’m all up, lumen is activated, mesh distance field, post process looks correct…


Well, for your trees showing up black, assuming that this isn’t related to nanite meshes using the original meshes shadows. then what you’re experiencing can be solved my selecting the tree and in the details section look for “evaluate world position offset” - uncheck this box. That should fix the black trees. You can only do this for static meshes not foliage assets, but a workaround if you want to be able to paint these trees into the scene is to create a Blueprint actor > put your tree mesh into it and uncheck evaluate world position offset > Create a Foliage Actor and select your Blueprint actor in it. You can then paint your trees with that.