Foliage lighting issue

Hello. I would like to know why when my lightmass building finishes, the foliage is excessively dark in some areas whereas others rendered correct, like the picture below. This a problem that’s giving me some headache!

Thanks for the attention.

Hey CityOfSouls,

So there are a couple of reasons this could be happening and I would be glad to help narrow down which one it is so we can resolve your issue. Firstly, be sure this section of foliage was used with foliage tool. If you click on them and it highlights the rest of the grass in your level then it is part of your foliage. If you click on it and it is a static mesh however, this could be why it is rendering differently than the rest of your grass.

Secondly, go into foliage mode. And select the static mesh you were using to create the foliage grass. Under show instance settings be sure to put these settings all on the same settings for all of your foliage meshes in your level.

Here are a couple images to give you reference as to what I am talking about:

Foliage Instance Settings

Foliage Selected

Also here is a link to another AnswerHub post question similar to yours. See if this can’t help you as well:

Thank you,

Thank you Andrew!
I’m in the work now, so gonna try this in home later.
If something goes wrong, I’ll post here.