Foliage: Adding foliage messes up texture scaling

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I have a setting wrong, but as I add foliage the textures get messed up.

Here’s a picture of when I just have 1 foliage placed, and the foliage (the tree) looks exactly how I want it.
picture 1

After adding more foliage (just one tree more), the texture of the bark on the first tree got messed up (the texture got scaled really small). The texture on the second tree is also messed up.
picture 2

Adding more foliage just makes the bark even worse:
picture 3

Also, I realized that maybe it has to do with the foliage being clustered? I looked at this tutorial, but I couldn’t find the ’ Instances Per Cluster’ setting (or anything about clusters) in ue4. Is the tutorial outdated?

To avoid that you will have to delete the part with the auto adjusting bark texture, because when you use the foilage tool those trees will get rendered as a cluster and the texture will change the scale because it thinks that everything got bigger → I’m currently searching for a solution + will update the package when I have found one :slight_smile:

Thanks man, amazing tree pack by the way!

Hey, if anyone sees this, I found a way around this problem very easily. Just delete the object radius node like suggests above and replace it with a parameter with value of 1000. You can adjust this value based on how tiled/not tiled you want the texture. Increase for more tiling, decrease for less.