Flaten maping best way


To architectural what’s the best way, flaten maping in 3dsmax for chanel two or auto unwarp of channel two in unreal ?

I have got multi wall mesh and one by one in 3dsmax to flaten mapping it s hard :).
So i think, unreal engine works to me.

That s the way ?

Sorry to my English and thanks to help.


Hi ilxs,

Depending on the geometry and how it was setup, both can methods can be valid and also not be the best solution at the same time.

So with Flat mapping this will lay all the geometry out where there are seams based on how the model was divided and build in Max. This can lead to bad shading for more complex meshes.

When using the method in UE4 this method will use the UVs from the Texture UV (UV1 in Max, UV0 in UE4). It will take that UV and repack it. It will not break any edges/seams when doing this. Only repack. So this can lead to overlapping UV errors depending on how it was broken up for the texture UV.

Ideally, doing a custom UV for each mesh and unwrapping it for the best outcome would be ideal, but it is very time consuming. You can try your hand at either method and see how it works out, but you may find that you need to go back and manually adjust the more problematic ones.

I hope this helps.


Hi Tim

Thank you for the answer. That good to the next.

(very bad english :frowning: )