FBX skeletal mesh material


Is it on purpose that importing a FBX which has multiple materials as a skeletal mesh will have only one material UV element ? If I import the FBX as a static mesh the material UV elements are all there.

To fix it I have to open the FBX into 3ds max, make a multi-sub object and link all materials into the multi-sub object, However, doing that for more than 500 models is time-consuming, may be there a fix in the future ?

Many thanks.

Hey Ley0k,

We don’t have an issue with this in our workflow. What software are you using to create the FBX? Would you be willing to send me the source file and FBX that you’re using?


I wrote a custom converter that converts models from a specific game to FBX, so it has to create multiples meshes as well. The output FBX version is 2016.1.2, ASCII (Binary does the same).
For static meshes we tick “Combine Meshes”, however, skeletal meshes combine them automatically, which seem to result a bug in materials elements.

I give you the model so developers can figure it out :

Hey Ley0k,

If this is copyrighted material that you’ve extracted from a game, I can’t download it. I also need to remove the link for the time being.

This is not an issue that we have with original content, but if you can reproduce this with test assets, then I’d be happy to help.


What do you mean ? The materials are here only so you can see the model correctly, but you can put other materials you wish to check about the elements on skeletal/static mesh.
If you have problems with copyrighted textures I can upload other textures.

You had said that you extracted the FBX from a game. To me, that meant the model was from a game. If that is the case, you’ll need to send me different content that has this issue. If the model is truly your own, then feel free to upload it with different textures.

Here is a different content I made myself that has this bug :


You will need to apply all textures from the zip to materials, and try to assign all materials.

Hey Ley0k,

That fbx crashes the editor on import in 4.11 and 4.12, which is actually fortuitous because we’ve been looking for an fbx to reproduce that crash (UE-29143). So thanks for that.

Anyways, because of that, I can’t get to your issue because of the crash. Hoping you have something else that doesn’t cause the crash.

If you want it to import correctly without crashing, set the normal import method to “Import Normals and Tangents” (I never knew why it kept crashing when computing normals), and then uncheck “Convert Scene” (to get the correct coordinates).

Hoping you can try the FBX correctly now.

Hey Ley0k,

I was able to reproduce the issue and have logged UE-31419. I attached your example content to it as well.

Thanks for reporting it!


Any estimation on when will it be fixed?

Hey Ley0k,

No estimate on when it will be fixed, but it has been assigned out and is on a dev’s to-do list. Thanks for your patience.