Epic looking for your feedback on the direction to take with Answerhub

The 1st rule of aquistion is…sue Apple. 2nd rule is sell cosmetic items to 14 year olds.

I completely agree. I’m sure the community would be happy to contribute to making these. The work that Mathew Wadstein has done on YouTube with his WTF/HTF series is a great start:

And the functionality provided by blueprintUE ( gives us copy-paste functionality right from the web!

here my experience with unreal forum answer and reddit:
the answer for me was totally frustrating i never had a single question and or help get from the answerhub it was totally wast of time, in the forum i had some here and there, maybe the place where i got “more help” was on reddit, but i really feel overal which at last both unreal forum and answerhub where not so “friendly when comes to help” and share or learn stuff be from unreal dev team or be from others users, i feel which we have too “much secret” and i don’t want to share how i do that or that, find yourself!!!, i really feel it’s not so "friendly when comes to support only really few times you actually get some help from someone with a good will and patient to help overal you are basically “alone” most of the times which for "new peoples trying to learning and making the own games make stuffs hard, because the only real way to learn is go look for youtube tutorials and others places which normally you only get the “basic” but when comes to more “complex stuff” or "learn by yourself or pay me to teach, being clear i only feel that for when comes to “help peoples about the engine” ofcourse when comes to just "chat talk those places are fine but if you want to learn anything better go to another place because specially answerhub and also forum you gonna get disappointed most of the times, while sometimes you can still find some good peoples whiling to help and share they knowledge overal most of the times is just wasting time and have a empty post.

i really would love to see some improviments on this side to it be more helpfull for new comes and have more “good souls” whiling to help/share stuff than just learn by yourself alone.

Pro tip. When wanting answers it’s often best to write in plain english and triple check your spelling(s).