Custom Shader Info/Documentation?

I’m trying to write a custom shader in code. I’m failing at finding proper documentation for how to do so. Does anyone have any info on what members/objects/functions/bananas are available to me in C++? And/or examples?

Thanks for any input.

The shader development page is located here:

I had come across that page. It didn’t seem too exhaustive. I was hoping there was a better resource with some more examples or something. Is that the best we have right now?

Ya this document is very sparse, It also seems quite out of date.

I agree with this, better documentation with examples would be helpful

Since I have written a number of custom shaders using Vertex Factories and also standalone. I can spend some time putting together some documentation on how to do it, if people are interested in this?

I’m voting for this! , I’ve read all your posts here and on forum and it seems that you’re only one in the community who really in the theme. I even wanted to pm you, but I don’t want to be annoying.

I will be putting some documentation together over the weekend on Vertex Factories (including the usf). Global Shaders, Compute Shaders, and Drawing Policies and such. In the mean time nikitablack, PM me if you have any specific questions, I will answer when I can.

I’m stuck too on this same issue. I’m trying to bring in my GLSL Shaders from when we were working on a different engine, so any documentation on this process would be helpful. Is it fine if I PM you as well ?

Yes you can PM me. I will answer when I can.

Thanks .

Maybe a wiki entry for just getting a basic vertex factory and a simple FShader hooked going with be amazingly valuable.

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I started looking at the process but it’s difficult without any context or example.
I know C++ and hlsl, but the UE mechanism that links raw shader to materials is quite esoteric. I can’t wait until writes up a tutorial.

My particular interest is in being able to take an arbitrary HLSL fragment shader and apply it to a mesh as a material (without using ‘custom expressions’!).

This is a little helpful:

However, without a basic example that gels it all together (to show some simple fancy-coloured material) it is difficult for the uninitiated to contextualise.

I’ll put together a simple example tomorrow and upload to my github, I will make sure to comment it well and if someone wants to write a tutorial around it thats fine by me (I am not very good at writing doco).

Seems reasonable

Awesome … any news on this would love to see something. If you can git it up to your github, I might write a tutorial on the Unreal wiki.

Sorry had some other things to take care of first, will get up some sample code tonight if nothing else comes up, apologies to everyone for the delays

Is this updated? I agree that the tutorial of shader development in wiki is too sparse.

Please let me know if there was any update or any better link for beginners for shader development in UE4.

was there any update on the corresponding doc?

any news on the docs? I’m having a hard time on where to start the shader development process if I’m only referring this doc Shader Debugging Workflows Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

let me bump this for us shader fellows.