CHASERS - join an awesome adventure!

We are a two-person team and we are happy to announce that the CHASERS, our first mobile game, is now live and available for iOS and Android!

It’s time to become the one who chases! Dodge obstacles, cast powerful spells and knock out robbers and giants to get back stolen coins in CHASERS, a fantasy-themed endless running game full of magic and a pinch of humor!

CHASERS Presskit
gameDNA Presskit

★ Run through a town in which goofy gnome robbers and giants await to stop you.
★ Dodge obstacles, avoid dangerous traps and throw magic stones at your derpy enemies to get back stolen coins.
★ Play as Chase, his sister Chasy or one of their friends, Bobby or Daisy.
★ Cast powerful spells that make you even more unstoppable on your running adventure.
★ Complete quests to level up chasers and unlock rewarded achievements.
★ Feel the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of knocking out robbers.
★ Get caught in an addictive and dynamic gameplay with smooth and intuitive swipe controls.
★ Explore a spellbound, vivid and breathing world with a unique atmosphere.
★ Experience fabulous 3D graphics with beautiful and colorful hand-painted textures as well as amazing visual effects.
★ Run past your friends’ high scores to become the best chaser ever!

CHASERS is a great showcase of our plugins:

We love endless runners! So when some time ago we thought it would be cool to make our dream come true, we ultimately decided to develop exactly such kind of game on Unreal® Engine 4. We wanted to put our own spin in the genre and make the whole thing more like a fairytale, thus we started to imagine a fantasy-themed world full of magic in which our protagonist would be the one who chases, not the one who runs away. And that’s why, at the end of the day, we called the game CHASERS! Basically it was developed in the spare time but recently we have completely devoted ourselves to the game and for now we want to focus only on it and our plugins! We can’t wait to put our ideas into practice and share our creations with the world! We are going to update CHASERS on a regular basis so get ready for new cool characters, amazing spells, awesome worlds to explore, and much more. We still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves!

Also, please take a look at trailer video below. We hope you will love CHASERS as much as we do!

Take a look at some screenshots:

Been following the dev progress on this for quite a while :smiley: . Good work. If that can’t be one of the best unreal engine 4 games on mobile I don’t know what could be. It has support for facebook, ads , google analytics and other several hidden features that it’s aythor could integrate because he alsso knows Java and is able to integrate stuff into the engine with JNI :slight_smile:

Hello, this app will not get past the downloading stage for me. I see the gameDNA then what I assume is obb file download, then it says XAPK File Validation Failed and stops there. Restarting the app does not work either.

quickedit: using Moto G 4 Android 6.0.1

It should be fixed right now. Please try again and let me know if it works! :slight_smile:

GoCaliberGaming plays CHASERS! :smiley:

Hi, yep it works now. Here’s some of my thoughts…

  • I’m like 90% sure I played an early version of this. I don’t know if you had posted a WIP in the past or what but the characters and gameplay seem familiar. Anyway, Chasers plays so much smoother than that game, so if the game I’m thinking of was a beta / old version of this Chasers, than good job on making the game play 1000% better
  • Rocks are always pointless. There is no incentive to ever shoot robbers. They cost 50 coins a throw… Pass.
  • It’s really annoying having that stupid popup come up every time I play the game saying I’m almost out or am out of stones. Hey rock, I wanna punch you in the face.
  • The steam pipe is not visually intuitive. So I’m talking for instance, about a pipe on the right side blowing steam to the left. Well, the steam looks to be covering up the whole area. But, you can roll through it, but not jump over it. Please, angle the steam upward more so that it is obvious what action the player should take
  • Powerups are not easily noticeable. Not sure why
  • I think the art style in general is too busy which can make it hard to differentiate objects which might be the reason for the previous point (specifically, the road + buildings)
  • Another trap I found incredibly irritating was one where there was a bush with lightning in the middle. You’re just tricking the player essentially for a cheap death. You taught me a mechanic, then taught me not to use that mechanic (jumping over bushes)
  • I somehow had a bug once where coins were no longer collected by my character. It was just like all the collisions stopped. There was no noise for running over coins, my coin counter did not budge, and the coin models never disappeared either. So some collider somewhere apparently just got disabled. I couldn’t tell you how that happened, it’s only happened once in like 10-15 games I played.
  • The screen shake effect is absolutely terrible in my opinion. The way I play this game, I focus on objects in the distance to plan my next move. When the screen shakes because a barrel exploded for instance, it throws my focus off and I am often unable to make the correct move. Please add an option to disable screen shake
  • It’s annoying Facebook is the only way to sync progress across devices. I mean I have a Google account. Please use it! I know Google has an Android API for Drive cloud saves too, so you wouldn’t have to roll your own server side setup, just make another UE4 plugin :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Your game name isn’t exactly unique. I think searching “Chasers” on the store it was somewhere around the 50th in the list. Not I didn’t actually count, but it was far from the top.
  • In the tutorial, I think when you fail an objective, it should put you farther back. Like if you fail to jump over the obstacle, you should be put farther back so you have more time to prepare for the jump on the next attempt.
  • The white boxes look kinda weird too in the game. I don’t know what they’re supposed to be.
  • I had the game crash on me, which was super annoying because I had set a new record then as I was trying to jump it crashed
  • Every time when I go to Rankings and then tap on Global, it crashes.
  • The crystals that explode out of the ground are very hard to see since they’re like a dark purple against brown

Well this is certainly the best UE4 Android game I’ve played so far (not that there’s a lot of competition yet). Very polished overall. Seems to run fine on both my Moto G1 and my Moto G4.

Thank you so much for valuable feedback! <3 Previous version was released as soft launch and after that we changed many things based on testers feedback.
We are analyzing all your suggestions and we try to improve what we can.

Thank you again! :slight_smile:

Spanish CHASERS video gameplay! :slight_smile:

And the next CHASERS gameplay recorded by TapGameplay! :cool:

Nice one! Congratz for the effort. I’ll be downloading and posting my feedback here shortly.

Just one thing I particularly feel: it is common and many time healthy to take a stablished model as reference for your game. But I think casual games could REALLY use some more variance and “innovation”. By innovation I don’t mean completely new unseen features. I mean, there are many ways to make an endless runner for example. Top-down and side-scroller are just the most common ones. But I think if your game feels just like thousand others, than you are basically relying on a big hit-or-miss factor. You can reduce that factor by showing things that make your game stand out and appeal to a particular kind of people. I may not be the audience for this game, but I feel it is just too generic. At least in the presentation. And if your audience sees your presentation and thinks that’s just too generic, you’ll not grab their attention unless you’re lucky.

Thank you for feedback. I think throwing stones at the robbers is something new and exciting. Many people enjoy this game and it makes me happy :slight_smile: This is my first game which I released so achievement “Release First Game” is unlocked! :smiley: I’m sure that my next game will be more innovative :wink:


Oh, I see. Being your first game, that’s actually great! I didn’t realize that. You should do other simple games as well, this Release Game achievement is so important!

Congrats! Keep it up!


**CHASERS also was featured in some countries on the App Store!

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Another gameplay recorded by POKI! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Vote for CHASERS in the FreeGalaktus 2016 – Indie Game Contest :cool: Thank you! :smiley:

Vote now there: Najlepsze gry na PC i do pobrania >> Best free MMO >> FreeGalaktus.PL

I installed it on my Nexus 7 (2013) and it works perfectly.

It runs smooth as butter, could you share your graphic settings?

It’s a little complicated and so many things tweaked. I have plans to setup my own blog with UE4 guides and there will be available info how I achieved CHASERS performance :slight_smile:

Just in time for Halloween, we’ve released After Dark, the first big update for CHASERS :smiley: Above all, it adds the night mode to the game and two new characters, vampires Drac and Lizzy. There are also jack-o’-lanterns (even on chasers’ heads) and spooky lights about the town that will stay there for some time.

But that’s not all :wink: Now we’re working on the next updates and surprises that we’d like to show to the world within a few weeks or months :cool: Stay tuned!

Awesome, thank you!