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Design: 7.8
Creativity: 7.0
Usability: 7.4
Average: 7.4

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Good game and the most interesting things is poor dowload rate?? Seo or you didnt invest in marketings so good.

Thank you! :slight_smile: I invest in promo as many as I can. I hope it will be more popular in the near future :slight_smile:

Please vote on the CHASERS in the** “App of the year 2016”** competition powered by

Thank you! :cool:

Interview with us about CHASERS:

CHASERS: Let It Snow - Christmas Update

A massive thank you to everyone who voted for **CHASERS **and made it nominated in the Slide DB 2016 App of the Year Awards. But now we need you and your votes even more!

We would like to ask you to vote for our endless running title once again. Just follow the link below and click on the red “VOTE” button next to CHASERS in the Arcade section of released games. That’s all. Thank you, friends!


i couldn’t find the game on the play store, i had to search on google and redirect me to the store, also, glad your game is going well


it is available if you click “See more”. You can also go directly to the store’s product page:

hey gameDNA studio, if it is your real name :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work, I was testing today, but you know what, I delay a while to find it by just type CHASERS, I wrote the full name in the end, there is no way to fix that in google play? some key word option?

however, Good Work

Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll try to investigate this issue :wink: This is indeed a problem…

Hi , its really cool game , the only runner made in UE4 and i liked it as the movement is very smooth , till you make your blog could you pls answer below my questions ? as i worked on a project many months ago but i left it as i couldn’t find a solution for it and hopefully with your answer i might get back to it as there are very little info regarding runner in ue4 .

  1. Did you use any light or lit material on your scene or all of them are unlit ?
  2. How did you manged to make a shadow under the character ? it looks cheap and good one .
  3. The big reason i left my project is i couldn’t find the best way to move the character in 3 lane and my final way to move it was by "move component to by x unit " but this way had problem if the player move it from mid to lane and back to mid before it finish moving as it will add offset , so could you tell me how did you manged to move your character in 3 lane ?

Btw i can donate to your project if you like :slight_smile:

And i think this feedback is not going to help that much as your game is already released but in case you add anoter map or something the texture of the stone on your map looks like old dx7 texture so you could make it a lot better as its already baked i think , and your game level music and FX could be a lot better too .

My blog with tutorials will be available February 2017 so stay tuned :slight_smile: I’ll answer all questions there :slight_smile:

I will :slight_smile: thanks mate .

Honorable Mention for CHASERS!

We’re surprised and very happy because thanks to your votes CHASERS reached top 10 in the Slide DB 2016 App of the Year Awards and gained an Honorable Mention. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to achieve it so we would like to thank you so much for your support!

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Just a heads up this crashes on start-up 100% of the time on my HTC 10 running Android 7.0 Nougat. It worked well when I was running Android 6.0 so it seems to be the 7.0 update that’s preventing it from opening.

Also, did you ever get around to writing a blog on the tweaks you made to get it running so smoothly? It would be great to read about how you set the project up!

Thank you for report. I’ll try to fix this issue.

I’ve already setup my blog: but I have so many things to do that I haven’t written there anything yet. I have so many cool ideas to share but lack of time :(. I hope it will change in the near future! :cool: