Character texture looks wrong

When using ES2 as level preview the texture of one of my character looks wrong (the guy on the right). But if I import him just as a mesh, without a skeleton (the guy on the left) he looks fine. With level preview SM5 there is no problem he looks fine.
Any idea on why this happens?

Hi AntonioE,

This looks similar to an issue I put a ticket in a little while back. I can’t find the original post here on AnswerHub where I looked into it, but I do believe there has already been a fix submitted or will be soon for this issue.

I’ve assigned myself this question and will get back to you on Monday when I’m back in the office and can look at the JIRA report.


Thanks Tim

Hi AnotonioE,

I’ve pulled up the JIRA (UE-6190) and it looks like this will potentially be fixed with 4.8.

This is, however, is not a guarantee as a fix has not been submitted yet. I’ve added a link to this post to the report and will update here once the fix has been submitted and verified fixed.

Thanks for your patience while this is being looked at!


Hey guys,
I’ve fixed this today - it should make it in for 4.8.


Awesome! Looking forward to 4.8