Can't select static mesh after foliage painting?

Hey you guys! =)
Basically I have a strange problem. I have just painted a lot of foliage on to a heightmap and now can’t select anything like static meshes. UE4 will allow me to select an object in world outliner but not in 3d viewport. Even if I do select select a static mesh in world outliner I am unable to move, rotate or scale using the gizmo widget. Anyone care to help me out? Thanks once again! =)

I’m still having the same problem. Every time I try and select a static mesh in the 3d viewport it selects the entire foliage for my level. I need to be able to deselect it or something. I know this is a really basic question I’m asking but how do I change back to being able to select static meshes in the 3d viewport. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for viewing. =)

This is driving me crazy! I can not select anything in my 3d viewport other than the foliage. Someone has to know the answer to this. It’s such a basic question and is holding up development for me. No one ever seems to help me here! See picture for problem.

Have you tried pressing Esc key to deselect?

Yeah man it deselects it but I still can’t select anything else in the 3d viewport! =/ Everytime I try and select a static mest or something it just selects the foliage. This is so basic and I now feel like a an inept n00b at Unreal. This has completely done my head in! =( Is my viewport locked or something?

Have you restarted the editor already?

Many times my friend. Still got the same old problem. =/

Did you ever get a fix, i have the same issue

Could it be the engine version? Just finished working on a map in which I painted a ton of instances and I have no issues selecting anything at all. - .24 latest.

what engine version?

try this:

im on the latest, it seems to happen after a lot of paining or i hold alt to drag and copy a object, i have reinstalled, used a backup, and it still ends up happening i have to close out without saving when it happens or it is stuck like that on any map i load

Have you made sure to exit Foliage Tool and go back to Place Tool (shift+1)?

I am also suddenly having this issue, after nearly a year of working on my present project. Never had this happen before, except in the past few days. Using UE4 4.23.1. This also driving me crazy!!! If I restart project, it will work as normal for about 15mins then the issue happens again over and over each time.

Any solution yet?

Still never had this issue.

I don’t think you guys are necessarily just forgetting to click over from the foliage tool to the other modes before attempting to select things.
But 90% that’s what happens to the people that work with me.

Hi , i’m in the same situation , i’ve generated a lot of foliage with houdini tools inside unreal and from now i can’t select anything .
does someone found a solution ?

Can’t say specifically what the selection issue is, but I do have a solution to prevent it.

Put your foliage on a separate sub-level in World Composition. Put your castle on a separate sub level as well. You can move objects between sub-levels. Then you can toggle levels visibility

Organize before it gets worse.

Also: Where’d you get that caste? It looks good.

I have the same issue , was there ever a fix?

I’m wondering if the map just can’t handle the larger amounts of foliage on one level. I mean , this is a game breaker , i have been working on this for a year. Now i can’t really go any further .

I do not have a fix but would like to keep this thread going. I am experiencing the same issue and it is preventing further development of my persistent level. Not sure what is causing this but one thing we all seem to have in common is having placed a large amount of foliage instance.

I noticed that when this happens , it screws the whole project.As when i open any other map , even an asset map with static meshes , i cannot select or move any mesh’s on those maps either. It seems the selection cursor gets stuck in foliage mode no matter what.