UE 4.27.2 can't select anything but foliage

Saw a similar topic dated 2020, still no solution: Can't select static mesh after foliage painting?
So viewport gets soft-locked (can’t select anything other that all of the foliage) when there’s too many foliage instances. And when i say too many, i mean not nearly enough for an open world game, so this kinda blows. I’ve already eliminated any trivial issues that could possibly cause that, so i’m 100% sure it’s a bug. Can’t really attach any screenshots cause there’s nothing to show, selection merely does not work, completely ignoring everything but foliage. If project is launched into any simple level, everything’s perfectly fine. As soon as i load main level, viewport gets locked like i described above. I do not have any sub levels, but i intend to add one specifically for foliage.
I’m using procedurally generated foliage. Before i got too much, it was working sometimes. Sometimes i could select objects and move them at X or Y axis (occasionally even both) , but never all of them. So it gets worse the more foliage you have. Had to downgrade from UE 5 due to extreme foliage bugs that literally ruined entire project, and dear, here we go again.
Would appreciate any help besides something obvious like “press T” or “go to object mode”. Been there already.