Can't bake foliage lightmap.


I’m having a lighting issue. After rebuilding, my foliage is still not baked and I keep getting the error “Maps need lighting rebuilt.”

I have two lights. One directional light and one sky light, and both are stationary.

Hey Ray Le,

Would you mind showing me the ‘Foliage Instance Settings’ you are having trouble baking lighting? Be sure you have the ‘Allow Static Lighting’ is enabled within your ‘Project Settings’ to allow your project to bake lighting. You might also want to check your ‘World Settings’ in case you enabled the ‘Force No Pre-computed Lighting’ option.

Lightmass World Settings

Allow Static Lighting

Let me know when or if you have checking these settings and still are not able to generate lightmaps for your foliage

Thank you,

Hi Andrew,

My lighting settings are a little bit different but yes I have “Allow Static Lighting” enabled. I just find out that If I restart UE4 and reopen my project, then I can generate lightmaps for my foliage. If I build lighting again, it won’t work.

Now everytime I want to build my lighting, I have to restart UE4. It’s quite annoying.

Okay, thank you for checking in the suggested location. What version of the engine are you using?

Would you be able to reproduce this in a blank project? If so, could you provide me with some short and simple steps in order for me to get the issue to occur on my end as well?

I just ran into this in 4.10. Still a thing.

Hey Joe,

If you are experiencing the same/similar issue, could you please provide some context and screenshots so I can take a look at your specific set up.

Also, how are you applying your foliage to your landscape?

  • Procedurally generated using the Foliage Type
  • Procedurally painted foliage using the Landscape Grass Type
  • Hand painted using the Foliage Mode


4.12.5 This appeared after reaching high count of trees painted


After changing skylight mobility to static foilage has working lightmaps.