Can I turn off lightmapping for only certain levels?

I’m working on a VR project that starts in a very large outdoor level with lots of foliage, but then moves into a much smaller indoor space. I don’t want to deal with baking the lightmaps of everything outside (and I think they’d run over 2 GB), but once I get inside I would like to have lightmaps since there’s a lot of static point lights and spotlights in there. Curious the best way to accomplish this. A few notes:

  1. The outdoor environment has a dozen point lights and a directional light for the sun, but if necessary I could remove the point lights and stick with the stationary/movable directional light. Alternatively, maybe I could Force No Precomputed Lighting for the entire project and deal with all of my exterior and interior lights calculating in real time… seems less than ideal though.

  2. Wondering if level streaming might make sense for this, and if it would matter if the persistent level has lightmaps or not. What if you can see the outdoor environment from the baked interior and the outdoor doesn’t have baked lighting?

  3. How do people typically deal with levels with a ton of complex foliage in regards to lightmaps?