C++ Rope Plugin with physics and cutting - Tutorials - Precision Gaming

Current Tutorial project file (requires latest plugin update):
**Important for engine version ****4.25 users - The plugin is now 4.26 / 4.25 compatible **- the tutorial project is only compatible with engine version 4.26 - Please use engine version 4.26 for viewing the tutorial project.

–>Tutorial project Version 7 (Plugin version 4)]( - Google Drive)

Tutorials (PDF format):

**–>Main Tutorial](RC Plugin Basics - V4.pdf - Google Drive)

–>Rope Stiffness](RC Stiffness Tutorial.pdf - Google Drive)

–>Update Custom Actors To Plugin Version 4 - rope actors (made before version 4) with attached meshes will require modification](Update Custom Actors To Plugin Version 4.pdf - Google Drive)**

Other links:

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–>Development Roadmap](C++ Rope Plugin with Physics and Cutting - Development Roadmap - Unreal Engine Forums)

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–>Main Website](**

–>Store Page](C++ Rope Cutting Plugin with Physics - Cable Slicing Destruction in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)

The first update is now available for download!

To update the plugin manually (if the automatic method fails):
Uninstall the old plugin from the plugins menu under the engine version in your library.
Then install the latest version.

The latest plugin version requires the newest tutorial map.

The second update brought bug fixes, new tutorial content and a new feature.
It was, Growing and Shrinking the rope during gameplay. The rope can still be cut. It can even continue to grow/shrink after being cut.

The third plugin update is now out today.
It comes with many bug fixes and improved tutorial content.
Best of all, it comes with the feature to spawn rope at runtime.

Hi, just bought the plugin, do you have a Discord group for the plugin, or you use e-mail or this topic for questions & help with the plugin?

Hi Emrehan. I don’t have a discord. Please use the store page or to contact me, if you have any questions regarding the plugin.
Best of luck with “Blind Descent”, looks interesting.

Thank you, also good luck with your product too!

The fourth plugin update is now available for download. Update 4 includes:

  • Engine version 4.25 compatibility,
  • **New rope variant - Physics only **no cutting,
  • **New rope variant - Static only **no cutting or physics,
  • Bug fixes,
  • More detailed function notes,
  • Re-structured code,
  • New and improved tutorial content.