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C++ Rope Plugin with Physics and Cutting - Development Roadmap

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    [RELEASED] C++ Rope Plugin with Physics and Cutting - Development Roadmap

    The information on this page pertains to the following product:

    This page will host announcements and polls for planned features and improvements.
    I will be implementing them when I am able to. I make no guarantees that any stated feature will be added to the product and do not claim they will be done within any time-scale.
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    I intend to begin work on the following:
    • More tutorials,
    • Runtime spawn rope,
    • Runtime grow and shrink rope.
    First poll available here:

    Let me know which one should be prioritised.


      -- Thread moved to 'Marketplace' --
      I expected challenges - but I never thought they'd be so bad, so long, and so frequent.


        The poll is now over. Thank you to those who participated.
        The feedback provided me with a worthwhile insight into the marketplace.
        As a result of the poll, I have developed and tested a new function: growing and shrinking the rope at run time.
        The new feature comes with a number of bug fixes and optimisations.
        I'm happy to announce that this update is now integrated and available for download.
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