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C++ Rope Plugin with Physics and Cutting - Bug Reports

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    [SUPPORT] C++ Rope Plugin with Physics and Cutting - Bug Reports

    The information on this page pertains to the following product:

    I will be posting bug reports here. If you spot a problem with the product, please let me know.
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    I expected challenges - but I never thought they'd be so bad, so long, and so frequent.


      Spline length of zero causes crash - Fixed


        Scale not set by Collision_RC function for collision spheres that are positioned second from start and end - Fixed


          Minor bug - possible engine bug - gives warning during cook - can be ignored.
          The warning does not prevent a successful cook.
          It is not just limited to my products. The bug also occurs in blank projects with a single constraint (created and set during construction time) added between two simulating physics bodies (mobility set to movable).

          UATHelper: Cooking (Windows (64-bit)): LogInit: Display: PIE: Warning: attempting to create a joint between objects that are both static. No joint created.

          Test project available here:

          I have submitted an engine bug report and received a confirmation email. Snapshot of confirmation is available here:


            In the tutorial map, the rope on the dragged mesh example does not cut properly - Fixed (new version added - see latest tutorial map)


              The function AttachEnd_RC has a bool named immobilise. When set to true, it resulted in the third from last collision sphere being incorrectly constrained - Fixed