[C++] How does ACharacter get a Hit info from blocking collision?

How can I retrieve Hit info with ACharacter or UCharacterMovementComponent?
ACharacter::MoveBlockedBy() retrieves same Hit.Normal wherever I stand.
Same goes for UCharacterMovementComponent::HandleImpact()
Just can’t find anything suitable.

Hey Unteriod-

The ReceiveHit() function is a BlueprintImplementableEvent in the editor, meaning there is no code definition for this function and it is only meant to be used in the editor. If you’re using a source build of the engine you can change this in the Actor.h file and then override the function for your Character class. An easier option would be to create a function with the parameters necessary and then inside the character blueprint create an Event Hit node and call your custom function, passing any info needed from the Hit node to your function call.


Thanks, . I’ve digged some more and found NotifyHit() which is basically a c++ overridable implementation of ReceiveHit().