Blueprints stopped working in a packaged game(It's like the engine just skipps certain commands)

Greetings! I’ve ran into a little bit of trouble with the packaged build of my game. The game works great in PIE, however when I’m running a packaged build some blueprints just stop working as it skips certain commands and events, returns 0 values of variables etc. I think it might be connected with me clearing the Saved folder. I backed it up and try puting back the Config folder into saved but to no effect. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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This sounds rather worrying. From the question alone, I would wonder if something is failing in your BPs. Though the cause can be many things and the remedy is also varied. As suggested by Humanasset, you could always go line by line and breakpoint or print-string your way through this.

The end user ended up making a new blueprint and that resolved the error. The same result occurred for Ianu_Gor. I would wonder if this would also work for you.

I would like to hear what solutions worked for you. I wish you the best.

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So, I tried creating a new controller and then replaced all the references to it in other blueprints, didn’t work. Then I noticed that it takes about 60 sec to compile it, so I relocated the event within the controller that all the charactes had a lot of references to into the characters themselfs. The compiling time dropped to 10 sec, but still no effect. I’ll probably try replacing Instance blueprint too, but I also noticed that when I launch the game in Standalone mode it just stops responding and the memory consumption goes sky high. It loads in about 30 min.Any ideas? Here’s log:
WnF_2.log (67.7 KB)

Response: I glanced at your log and it seems there is one line I find a bit interesting.
“LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up.”

You can find a very useful thread on this subject here.

In regards to your build: I would check the logs found in your Saved folder and see if any errors are present. While building, I would also keep an eye on your output log as sometimes a few warnings will appear.

Thank you for the log by the way, it really helps. :slight_smile:

It Was SDK, It couldn’t start a listen server because it couldn’t load SDK