LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s)

Hallo guys,

my Unreal Editor keeps freezing literally every 10 seconds, in the meanwhile my Output Log keeps giving me this error, “LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s)”.
How can I solve this? Some time ago I created a DWORD (32-bit) in the Regedit, a****“TdrDelay” with 60 as Decimal value. I was installing Substance Painter at that time and this was suggested during the Substance installation process. Could this be the reason?

I’m experiencing this issue on UE 4.18.3

Thank you!

Ok so, I changed the value of TdrDelay to 10 and the issue is always there, but now I noticed that it only occurs after I run the VR preview for the first time.
I start the editor, everything works fine, then I run the VR preview, after I close the VR preview the editor start freezing every few seconds and I have to restart it.

Help!! :C

This issue happens with a lot of different hardware setups, while others don’t. Several GPU intensive applications, including games suffer from this. There is no absolute way to avoid it and we have been discussing this issue lately and if you read this thread there is lots of suggestions, some works for some users, some doesn’t, some works for certain applications only, so check it out:


Same problem here:
[FONT=MarkerFelt-Thin]LogMetal: Display: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (500 ms)
[FONT=MarkerFelt-Thin]LogUnrealEdMisc: Warning: Heartbeat event firing too frequently (37.863 sec). This should never happen. Something is wrong with the timer delegate!

MacOS with eGPU.

I changed the registry, but it still gets stuck here. I have no idea what to do next.

I have the same problem. 120 fps and then suddenly it drops 1-2 fps and got this: “LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s) (ErrorCode 00000001)”
UE4 4.23.1 Ryzen 3900X and 2070 Super, 64 GB and the scene is very simple, literally 4 walls and one spotlight, so it’s completely irrational…

Same problem here, I can do whatever I want in the editor, until I click a bsp brush and immediately the whole pc freezes. I have to hard reset, and when I look into the logs the last message is:

“LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s)”

UE4 4.16.3

same thing.

“LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up”

i open the level… and without doing anything, 20 seconds later: crashes.

every thing is up to date on my

win 10 , 16 go , RTX 2070…

my computer never crashes… only with unreal engine.

LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s) (ErrorCode 00000001) same problem
can anyone give me a solution plzzz
i have been working on a project and now it wont open any of my project
even if i tried openning a new project…
plzzz help

Perhaps something here will help:
Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost.

Oh, It works!!! Thank you, Kris!

I just encountered it right now - same message in the OutputLog

The difference for me is that it doesn’t slow down anything, it just repeatedly apears in the Log and only in Editor, not while in-game

And I don’t know why but when I closed Steam VR which appears on every UE startup the message stopped appearing