Blueprint Interface Not Working In Packaged Game

I’m at my wits’ end on this one. I recently implemented a dialogue system in my game. It’s pretty standard; it uses a Blueprint Interface to identify which characters can Interact with each other, and then you press a button to begin dialogue. It works absolutely flawlessly in the editor.

HOWEVER when I package the game, it doesn’t work at all. I’ve done the best I can troubleshooting, and what I can determine is that the Blueprint Interface is apparently not doing anything in the packaged version. When I run a ray trace for the Actor and check for ‘Does Implement Interface,’ it does not return anything in the packaged version, but it does detect the Actor while play testing in the editor. I have not idea how that’s even possible, and I’ve exhausted the possibilities I can think of.

The only other thing I can think of is that I just updated 4.25 yesterday, but unfortunately I had not play tested the dialogue system before doing so. Does anyone have any ideas?

I’ll probably never find out why this wasn’t working, but apparently there was just something wrong with the Blueprint Interface or its file reference that I’ll never be able to diagnose. I made a new Blueprint Interface that does the exact same thing as the old one, and replaced the old Interface references with the new one, and now it works in both the editor and the packaged version. I can’t make an ounce of sense out of any of this.

Just as an aside, it’s a major stab in the back when you spend a week working on something and testing it in the editor, and then in the packaged product it doesn’t work anymore. That should never happen! Anyway, it’s working now, and if I have any more difficulties with this, it looks like it’s more of a Blueprints/scripting issue than a packaging one.