Blender to Unreal Engine with Matt Workman - October 24 - Live from HQ

Creator of Cine Tracer Matt Workman, will join us on the next livestream to demonstrate his Blender to Unreal Engine workflow. As an artist familiar with traditional DCC tools, Matt will talk about his shift to Blender as well as tips and tricks he has learned in the process.

Thursday, October 24 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Cine Tracer

Matt Workman - Cine Tracer Developer - @cinedatabase](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Blender and UE4 is great. Cinetracer is shaping up to be a great tool, looking forward to his workflow discussion

@motorsep im pretty sure in the title image that is 2.8 but i could be wrong

screenshot is from blender 2.8 tho

Agree! :smiley:

i thin the thumbnail shows blender 2.8 but not gonna say it is and have it not be

Screenshot_9.png that is 2.8… 2.7 did not have the manipulator

can’t wait for this.
so good Epic is supporting Blender. Thank you, Epic!

My bad, I say “layers” and didn’t realize it’s bone layers and not what was replaced by collections :o

Defiantly 2.80 (currently using 2.81 beta though, has many improvements already, not to mention 2.82 alpha is here too).

since this is going to be livestreamed, I’d like to ask if someone had success on running the blender script called “RigifytoUnreal” in 2.8?.. also, will there be a better skeletal mesh workflow from blender to unreal now?

I see Cine Tracer as one of the resources. Don’t mean to be a pin but how much of the live training will include Cine Tracer?

Yeah! That is what i have been waiting for . I have big troubles with importing/exporting skeletal meshes between blender 2.8 and UE4

great news !!

Yeah, thats the point. Intrigued on how he managed to export mannequin animations without retargeting. Currently Im using a nice module called mr. mannequin tools that seems to accomplish this task pretty well.

EDIT: Relevant link:

Mr Mannequin is good, and the future updates will make it even better. There is also “BoneBreaker”. With that, you can open up any existing skeletal mesh and rig it, and export it with no messing around.

Really looking forward to this! I hope its not just skeletal meshes and characters but also other aspects of getting content from Blender to UE4. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this - Please cover custom characters to mannequin thirdperson animations!

Please cover from the basics, there is a known issue with blender with units when exporting and bones shrink and static meshes export like at 1/100 scale, also how to set the root bone since blender also seems to use the rig as the root. Please dont just stick to rigify an a simple export, set the scene to get the leanest workflow possible please.

Cool! Since im using blender because its free and very versatile. :slight_smile:

Really hope to see how to easily use Rigify to rig a mesh and then properly export from Blender and import into Unreal. Not enough guides on that workflow